Capping machine generally have several spin off?
Date:2013/12/5     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

See what kind of machine, two head can, and rolling cover machine, you need to know about our company

Name of equipment: automatic inline capping machine

Description of goods

ZCG series automatic inline capping machine is the latest improvement of a new type of capping machine.

The machine appearance is beautiful, smart, cap rotating speed, the qualified rate is high, suitable for food,

Different shape of the bottle, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other occupation of pesticide capping. Four speed motor

For clamping the bottle cover, respectively, transfer, capping machine, high degree of automation, good stability,

Easy to adjust, replace the bottle or the cover without the spare parts, only must make the adjustment can be completed (such as with cover machine,can carry out automatic cover).

Technical parameters

1, type ZCG series

2, production capacity of 160 bottles per minute

3, cap size 15~70 mm

4, the 35-140 mm in diam.

5, the body height of 38~300 mm

6, working pressure 3~5 kg / square cm

7, size 2000 x 870 x 1500mm

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