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Aluminum foil sealing machine development trend in the future
Date:2013/12/5     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

Food packaging equipment in the future along with the trend of industrialautomatic, food packaging equipment towards high efficiency, multifunction,low consumption of the direction of development, and the realization of China's overall level of food aluminum foil sealing machine equipmentimprovement. With the development of food processing technology in China, the introduction of computer technology to food aluminum foil sealing machine, technology research and development of intelligent packaging, use of electromechanical integration, automatic packagingsystem for packaging production structure. Diagnosis and elimination ofaluminum foil sealing machine in the production process control and detection, fault will realize the comprehensive automation. Can be used for food high-speed filling, accurate measurement, will enable the foodaluminum foil sealing machine in order to simplify the structure, improve the quality of packaging products, realize the high speed, high quality, low consumption and production safety. Secondly, because consumers cannot do without food every day, so, food packaging machine must use can not only protect the contents against bacterial contamination, also require the packaging material itself safety and health, avoid packing material pollutionpackaged foods, thus ensuring the health and safety of food packaging is a pressing matter of the moment of our food aluminum foil sealing machine industry.

Air conditioner foil, aluminum foil is China market the largest consumptionproducts; smoke foil, as the world's largest cigarette production and consumption country, Chinese annual consumption of cigarette smoke foilamounted to 35000 tons, accounts for about 60% of the total consumption of double zero foil; decorative foil, mainly used for thermal insulation,moisture-proof and decorative materials, we Chinese the construction of household appliance industry, widely used for decoration foil; cable foil, is mainly the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, as protective layer of cable. Aluminum foil packaging machinery market prospects are very broad, both consumption and product quality have very big development space.

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