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Application of labeling machine in different industries
Date:2013/12/5     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is in automatic labeling of large home, on the speed requirement is very high, labeling machine design must consider labeling before and after the process of integration to provide labeling headlight detection and labeling automatically after entering the bottle support and other additional features.

The industry: the application of the industry, the requirements of the container due to the shape of the past and the new moon. Soft body plastic containers and "no label visual sense" on the labeling accuracy and bubble exclusion control also increased the difficulty.

Food industry: food manufacturing industry competition is fierce, multi label for manufacturers to provide more publicity and promotion space, also for labeling machine design put forward new challenges.

Beverage industry: beverage industry applications, requiring high speed and positioning accuracy, and often a bottle of multi label, coupled with the appearance of the label and material changes frequently, labeling requirements for position control is very high.

Electronic industry: the label applications in the electronic industry requires very professional, in addition to the special nature of the label material, on the labeling machine also requires high precision, and other production links with, real-time printing paste large amounts of data, and with the main system of data exchange and so on.

Battery industry: battery manufacturing industry has been widely used automatic labeling machine for the use of the shrink label. An excellent design of the labeling function in the operation of the high speed while also ensuring that the interface level of the label, and to prevent short circuit, as well as to provide the function of label shrinkage.

Petrochemical Industry: petrochemical industry are required in the VAT, bottles and other containers affixed on the product label, requirements of speed and accuracy are more lenient, but because the label is larger on the labeling machine power requirements are higher, and the cambered surface paste label in a large area, and the velocity of the flowing water line labeling, to keep the labels indicate the formation is also of concern to the designer.

Medical industry: medical supplies manufacturing on the sticker is used more and more widely, labels except as a label also provides other functional purpose, labeling machine design to differ from the label of the particularity of.

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